There’s exciting things going on in the kitchen at Lappuccino Cafe and owners Paul and Kate Lappchen couldn’t be happier.

In fact Paul was fizzing when I talked to him about the new addition to their team, chef Bjorn Schuffelen.

“He is just amazing and his creative skills never cease to amaze me,” Paul said.

“I might suggest something or perhaps a customer will say ‘can you make this dish a keto dish’ and the next thing you know it’s done.”

Bjorn has been turning his attention to keto dishes recently which have been well received from guests.

“I like to make people happy with my food and that includes meeting their dietary requirements. I love thinking outside the square and I know that for a growing number of people keto is a way of eating rather than a diet.

“So it’s really nice when I can come up with something that they enjoy.”

A standard ketogenic diet refers to a way of eating that is low in carbohydrates, high in fat, with adequate protein and no sugar.

“I love creating thing and have come up with quite a few ideas. One of them is a Survival Box of keto treats for the weekend — well anytime really. It has eight treats to get you through. The great thing about keto food is that it’s also suitable for diabetics because there’s no sugar in it.”

Paul says that Bjorn is also putting a lot of creative work into the standard cafe fare they offer.

“We cater for everyone and are proud of the fact that our food is always fresh and interesting, no two days are the same when it comes to the cabinet food,” Paul said.

Lappuccino Cafe also has a keto pantry and is offering keto celebration cakes.

 Lappuccino Cafe chef Bjorn Schuffelen weekend survival kit. Photo / Paul Taylor
Photo / Paul Taylor

“It takes a bit of thinking sometimes when making something keto because you need to understand how ingredients work together — it’s a bit like science,” Bjorn said.

He definitely understands it — I sampled the survival box and a keto sausage roll — absolutely delicious.

Paul says that Bjorn has been like a “breath of fresh air”.

“He’s brought with him a new vibe through his cooking and inventive skills. He’s a great guy to work with — he’s brilliant. We have a really great team and we all get on really well.

“He is not the kind of chef who just stays in the kitchen. He serves our guests at the counter and takes food to tables. He has a great sense of humour and gets on with everyone.”

Lappuccino Cafe is offering platters for office shouts or end of year celebrations. They have recently changed to Switch coffee which is made in Ahuriri and Paul says they do their best to support local businesses by using as much local ingredients as they can.

Lappuccino Cafe, at 1128 Omahu Rd, Hastings, is open Monday to Friday from 6.30am until 3pm.